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Dairy hygiene

There are no short cuts to perfect hygiene if your goal is to produce milk of the very highest quality consistently. An important natural food, milk is highly susceptible to contamination and deserves our special attention.

Modern dairy farming technologies and an increased consumer awareness have made us realise that the role of hygiene in every step of milk production has reached a new level.

Hygiene products

We offer a range of dairy hygiene products from GEA including:
Image of a cow's teats coated in SalvoDip B teat dip.

  • Acids and alkalis to clean the milking machine and bulk tank
  • Specialist cleaners for the backflushing of clusters during milking
  • Products for cleaning the outside of the milking machine.
  • Udder cleansing products
  • Iodine and non-iodine based disinfectants
  • Bedding conditioners

Download GEA Hygiene Catalogue (pdf)

Full details of all the products can be found in the hygiene section of the GEA website.

For links to order safety data sheets for all the GEA and Agroserve dairy chemicals see our article on “Not JUST a safety data sheet”

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