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Automatic feeding

We offer a range of Mullerup automatic feeding equipment that can mix and distribute feed rations to your herd 24 hours a day.

Research shows that increasing the number of feeds per day will lead to:

  • Increased pH values in the rumen;
  • Reduced variations in the rumen pH level;
  • Increased milk yields;
  • Increased butterfat levels;
  • Increased protein levels;
  • Increased lactose content;
  • Decreased feed per litre needed.

Mullerup automatic feeding products available include:

Mix Feeder

The Mix Feeder from GEA MullerupThe Mix Feeder is the fully automated feeder that mixes and distributes in the shed 24/7. Read more about the Mix Feeder

Feed Stall Feeder

The Free Stall Feeder from GEA MullerupThe rail-mounted Feed Stall Feeder provides herds with a finely measured amount of feed from a stationary mixer or a silage bunker – reliably and round the clock. This results in time and labour savings every day. Read more about the Feed Stall Feeder


MM8 silage bunkers from GEA MullerupMM8 silage bunkers maintain stocks of all different types of roughage and are an integrated part of the automatic feeding system. The non-waste double floor is designed to avoid any waste material on the floor. Any left-over feed on the carriers and chains at the top-end will automatically be pulled in from the bottom-end. Read more about MM8 silage bunkers

MVM Mixer

The MVM Mixer from GEA MullerupThe powerful MVM stationary mixer is at the heart of every partially and fully automated feed supply system. It mixes all kinds of roughage, concentrates and minerals with the greatest of care into a perfect mixed TMR ration, which is ready to be distributed to your cows and ensures high-yield milk production.

Mix & Carry

Mix & Carry from GEA MullerupMix & Carry is the reliable, automatic feeding system that frees farmers from the work involved in feeding, including the weighing of individual portions of roughage and minerals as well as the mixing and distribution of the TMR onto the feed alley. Read more about the Mix & Carry

Belt Feeder

The Belt Feeder from GEA MullerupWith the Belt Feeder you can take the first step towards having an automatic feed supply – a small but flexible solution with great financial benefits. The combination of a conveyor belt and a wire pulled plough permits small amounts of feed to be distributed several times a day to different groups of cows. Read more about the Belt Feeder

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