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We can offer a number of milking accessories such as:


Through GEA we can offer you a selection of robust and highly functional milking clusters which are made to individually suit each cow based on the shape of the udder.  Clusters available include:

Classic 300

Image of the GEA Classic 300 milking cluster on a dairy cowThe Classic 300 milking cluster offers gentle and efficient milking. Its modular design means that it can be easily adapted to changing conditions.

Benefits of the Classic 300 milking cluster:

  • Direct milk flow without unnecessary detours: for gentle milk treatment
  • Can be expanded flexibly as part of a modular system
  • Durable, food-safe materials that are built to last and are resistant to acids and impacts.

GEA has designed the Classic 300 to be robust yet comfortable.  Gentle on the udder the cluster ensures that the milk flows quickly and efficiently. The cow is always our focus: Milking is both fast and gentle. This ensures that subsequent milking processes also result in a high yield and that the cow produces consistently large volumes of high-quality milk.


The IQ’s revolutionary four-way technology ensures that you always have maximum milk quality, quantity and udder health. Using it is easy! Makes for easier attachment, milking and maintenance.

Benefits of the IQ:

Image of the IQ milking cluster

  • Maximum milk quality – smarter vacuum control significantly reduces milk contamination.  Vacuum is greatly reduced when the liner is not attached, which means less manure and other soil/debris is sucked into the milk line. You won’t believe how clean your milk filters are with the IQ Milking Unit.
  • Improved udder health – with four separate guide chambers there is no threat of teat-to-teat cross contamination of mastitis-causing bacteria.  Unlike conventional milking units, the new IQ unit is subdivided into four quarters, and milk from each quarter is kept separate.
  • Holds on any shaped udder – the short milk tubes are longer which allows proper placement on virtually any udder shape.  The unit weight is ideally distributed 80% on the teat and 20% in the claw. Plus, better unit alignment means fewer unit slips and squawks.
  • Easy maintenance – unique and patented liner connection makes liner changes quick and easy.  Shells, liners, and air dividers can be pre-assembled to allow liner changes in minutes instead of hours.
  • Faster milk-out times – improved vacuum stability increases flow rates and the sharper angle of the milk chamber speeds flow to the milk line.
  • Quieter operation – the automatic vacuum shifting system makes for virtually noise-free milking – even during attachment or during a kick-off.
  • More reliable performance – the slim profile of this unit is harder for cows to kick-off.

Apollo™ MilkSystem

The Apollo™MilkSystem employs a patented safety valve that enables GEA to offer the very highest specification in teat dip disinfectant without risking lack of efficacy or the purity of the milk supply. This unique system ensures milk buyers are supplied with the very highest quality milk.

Benefits of the Apollo™ MilkSystem:Image of the GEA Apollo MilkSystem milking cluster

  • Good udder hygiene is maintained
  • Improved labour productivity in the parlour
  • Exposure to mastitis causing pathogens is reduced
  • Increased parlour throughput and overall profitability
  • The complete claw bowl and liner is back-flushed with PE15 disinfectant after each use
  • Apollo liners are developed with modern genetic cows in mind facilitating faster milking
  • Teats are consistently and optimally dipped with a Veterinary Medicine licensed teat dip prior to
  • cluster removal.

Milk meters

Today’s dairy operations need choices when it comes to parlour automation. GEA offers a wide variety of Milking Control Unit options that range from requiring no network or PC all the way to fully integrating into DairyPlan C21 herd and parlour management software. No matter which Milking Control Unit option suits your dairy, you can rest assured you will get reliable monitoring from the company that set the standard in parlour automation over 30 years ago.

Contact us to find out what Milking Control Unit would suit your needs.

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