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Milk cooling & heat recovery systems

Milk cooling is an important part of the process to deliver high quality milk to the dairy. Fast cooling of the milk to 4°C helps to minimise bacterial growth, keeping the bactoscan low and maximising the milk price. This needs to be achieved using the minimum amount of energy if costs are going to be kept in check and milk production to be profitable.

We supply and fit a range of milk refrigeration equipment from GEA including:


Direct Expansion tanks with intelligent cooling technology

TCool tank installed by DairyFlow at Rossiebank

  • Capacities from 1000 litres to 33,500 litres
  • STIL evaporator plate saves energy
  • Manages, monitors and records cooling, cleaning and agitation
  • Expert control and digital dipstick link to the parlour computer
  • Robust and hygienic design helps maximise profits

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Silo tank

VCool silo tank

  • Quick and easy access inside the container
  • Flexibly adaptable: Various connection options for the input / output of milk and water
  • Secure venting pipe
  • New cooling units adapted to the cooling requirements
  • Gentle agitation
  • Intelligent and efficient cleaning system

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Recovers normally wasted energy to heat the water for circulation cleaning

Illustrative image to represent ExtraHeat

  • Lower operating costs – improved profitability
  • Risk-free operation
  • Better for the environment
  • Can heat from 270 to 1080 litres water
  • Extends compressor life
  • Easily fitted and serviced

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Plate heat exchanger

Plate coolers for lower production costs and improved milk quality

A plate cooler

  • Reduces the energy requirement for cooling milk
  • Rapid cooling suppresses bacterial growth
  • Designed to handle output from fast throughput milking parlours
  • High quality stainless steel construction provides hygienic surfaces inside and out as well as durability



An ‘All-in-One Cell’ designed specifically for on-farm milking, heating and cooling management.
The hybrid cell design is totally unique, delivering superior energy performance over all other solutions available on the market today. The iCONVERTER can typically reduce total energy consumption of the farm dairy by as much as 37%.



The AquaChill is a direct-on-line snap chilling system. What this means is that the power available for cooling at the Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) is only what is produced by the chiller. The aquaCHIL only runs during milking.

The Glycol is circulated through the evaporator to the milk PHE and back to the buffer tank. The buffer tank provides a ‘thermal shock absorber’ and prevents compressor short cycling with milk pump switching.

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We can advise on the full milk cooling system to meet your future objectives for the herd, including the capacity of tank you will need, the size of the compressors required along with energy saving systems to reduce your fuel bills.  We can also service and repair most makes of bulk milk tank.

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